Romero Britto, ‘CALIFORNIA’, 2017, Best Buddies International

Price is for work unframed; 'California' is a fresh, new take on Romero's abstract landscape artwork. In 'California', Romero has taken his essential Pop-art black lines and turned them around by making them the source of light incorporating metallic silver. This integral shift to the artwork's color structure shows the viewer a completely different energy and feel to the work and showcases a very unique relationship between the colors.... uncommon yet essentially Pop-art!

Signature: Signed by the artist

Publisher: Artist's Studio

Artist's studio

About Romero Britto

Celebrated for the vibrancy and optimism of his paintings, Romero Britto works in a universal visual language grounded in the belief that art and artists are agents of positive change. Born in Brazil, Britto began to pursue an art career after moving to Miami. There, he developed a graphic, pop-cubist style marked by bold colors, playful themes, flat planes, and abstractions that build on the legacy of artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Britto’s paintings embody the vitality of Miami and Latin and South American cultures, as well as the sharp racial and socioeconomic contrasts of the South Florida region. Favored for his distinct visual style, which is marked by a sense of humor, popular aesthetics, and a lack of restraint, Britto has produced advertisements and graphics for major companies, including Apple, Pepsi, and Disney.

Brazilian, b. 1963, Recife, Brazil, based in Miami, Florida