Ron Kleemann, ‘Reflectcelfer’, 2004, Louis K. Meisel Gallery

About Ron Kleemann

A major artist of the photorealist movement, Ron Kleemann is known for his meticulous paintings of race cars, trucks, airplanes, and other objects he viewed as American icons. Beginning his career as a sculptor but turning to painting in the late 1960s after becoming frustrated with the lack of space in New York City, Kleemann produced images of cars and logos that convey a Pop Art sensibility, as well as his love of form and surface. Working directly from photographs, Kleemann was interested in images that capture reflections and dynamic angles, suggesting the potential for movement. He cited his Midwestern upbringing as the source of his love of cars. “I simply paint what I see, and what appeals to me,” Kleemann said, “I like the display of things: signs, labels, colors, and compositions are all very important to me.”

American, 1937-2014, Bay City, Michigan, based in Valatie, New York