Ron Piller, ‘Question and Answer #3’, 2013, Artspace Warehouse

Ron Piller's series of geometric abstractions consist of conversations between colors in a defined space yet at the same time the infinite. The geometric shape tries to contain the colors, but the colors demand, emerge, transform and dazzle.

His artworks are created by layering newsprint, acrylic paint, and pencil marks on wood panels. The artwork is then covered with resin, which only covers the front of the artwork. The sides of the artwork are finished separately, either with layers of paint or paper or both, sanded down to also give the sides a unique look, adding further dimensions to the artwork.

This artwork is wired and ready to hang. The front of the artwork is covered with a smooth layer of clear, glass-like resin, which enhances the colors and adds depth. The sides of the artwork are finished off in a separate process by the artist, adding more layers and detailing. It does not require framing. The artwork is signed, titled and dated on the back. A certificate of authenticity and hanging hardware are included. The artwork can be installed vertically or horizontally. A certificate of authenticity and hanging hardware are included.

Signature: Signed, Dated and Titled on Back

Ron Piller Exhibitions
2015 Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Germany
2015 Affordable Art Fair Singapore
2015 Love Art Fair Toronto, Canada
2015 Affordable Art Fair New York, NY
2015 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA
2015 LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
2015 Galerie Reitz, Cologne, Germany
2014 Red Dot Art Fair Miami, FL
2014 AAF Hamburg, Germany
2014 AAF Amsterdam, Netherlands
2014 Art Toronto Fine Art Fair, Canada
2014 Houston Fine Art Fair, TX
2014 AAF Maastricht (Artspace Warehouse/Kunstwarenhaus), Netherlands
2014 Love Art Fair Toronto (Artspace Warehouse), Canada
2014 Affordable Art Fair New York (Artspace Warehouse), NY
2013 Affordable Art Fair Seattle (Artspace Warehouse), WA
2013 Affordable Art Fair New York (Artspace Warehouse), NY
2013 Kunstwarenhaus Zurich, Switzerland
2013 ‘Abstract Urban Harmony’, Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles, CA
2012 ‘South Bay Focus‘, Torrance Art Museum, CA
2011 ‘FlagStopArt’, Torrance, CA
2011 ‘South Bay Focus‘, Torrance Art Museum, CA
2011 ‘Open Call’, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, CA
2010 ‘South Bay Focus‘, Torrance Art Museum, CA

About Ron Piller

Inspired by his travels—to places like India, Vietnam, and Cuba—and the endless permutations of color and geometric forms, Ron Piller produces abstract acrylic-on-panel paintings, filled with what he calls “stripes, squares, and color spokes.” As he describes: “In my paintings, two important considerations, color and geometric order/disorder are my constant concern. […] Balancing the shapes and colors of pieces fascinates me daily.” Though his works are abstract, they are painted over a ground of newsprint, mixed with glue and sanded down. Such a literal (and literary) base adds a subtle visual texture to his works and serves as a clever foil for his decidedly non-literal compositions. Piller relishes the materiality of his medium, finishing each work with a layer of resin to give it a reflective sheen that brings the outside world in to the painting as well.

American, b. 1950, Pasadena, CA, United States, based in Los Angeles, California