Ron van Dongen, ‘Echeveria ‘Blue Moon’ (CSL 072)’, 2005, Benrubi Gallery

16" x 20" on 20" x 24" paper
32" x 40" on 40" x 48" paper.

About Ron van Dongen

Nurturing his subjects from seed or spore in his home garden, photographer Ron van Dongen’s floral portraits are intimate, exquisite renderings of the precise architecture of flowers and plants. He uses masterful printing techniques to emphasize a particular aspect of his flowers that holds his attention: sometimes the color, at other times the structure. Having worked only in black-and-white photography early in his career, van Dongen now works exclusively in color, often taking photos against painted backgrounds to heighten his control over light and tonality.

Dutch-Venezuelan, b. 1961, Judibana, Venezuela, based in Portland, Oregon