Ronald Cowie, ‘To A Foreign Land’, photo-eye Gallery

About Ronald Cowie

“My work is about simple truths. I view the world from a place of hope, faith, and love,” says Ronald Cowie, who blends old and new photographic methods to produce elegant portraits, still lifes, documentary images, and landscapes. He photographs in color and black-and-white, creates in the studio and on location, and works on commissioned and self-inspired projects. Cowie made the series “Leaving Babylon” in order “to understand the question of how to live with faith and fear.” The artist photographed various landscape scenes—including secluded woods and shorelines, quiet subdivisions and distant houses—with a large-format film camera, and made digital scans of the negatives, which he then altered in Photoshop to best match his vision. From these altered negatives, Cowie crafted moody platinum and palladium prints, each one conveying the sense of a journey into the unknown.

American, b. 1970