Roni M., ‘Series "Portraits" #21’, 2017, Elena Bulatova Fine Art

Hailing from Israel and inspired by emotion, style, and culture around the world, Roni M. has made quite a statement on the west coast of the United States with her large, colorful paintings. Her fun, quirky style is both bright and beautiful, however, it doesn't stop there. Roni M. has a serious side as well. Blacks, blues, and golds, come through in her other works evoking deep emotions such as contemplation, and passion. Roni M. is certainly both sides of a stunning and thought provoking coin; and no matter which side you land on, the results will leave you breathless.
Roni M is intrigued by Japanese anime culture
These eye-popping hair colors work as visual cues to suggest certain personality types. Blue, for instance, is correlated with cool and intellectual but also characters that can never catch a break. Japanese pop culture has a lot of famous characters with non standard hair color
Red strongly suggests a tomboyish, inconsiderate, loud, often headstrong, “leader” archetype. Light purple typically signify some sort of detached, noble, cultured, dainty, often even mysterious, “fantasy princess” archetype
Nothing makes a statement like a grand piece of art. Evocative and impactful, large-scale works convey color and mood on a more impactful level.
Ultra-feminine and whimsically executed, this oversized portrait of bright colored hair girl will bring to a room a chic-to-the-core boost of fun. Balancing a super-bright colors with quieter, toned down elements keeps the focus on the art, without seeming fussy.

About Roni M.