Rory Carnegie, ‘Leonardo. A Radiated Tortoise’, 2016, ILEX Gallery

The image of Leonardo was made in a studio. He was photographed against a plain backdrop. Once I had made the tortoise image, it was layered with multiple landscapes that I have made, primarily from a large expanse of common land called Port Meadow, Oxford. In an archaeological dig, the bones of a woolly rhinoceros were found here. There is evidence that hyena and tiger hunted locally. Animals that today we regard with exotic curiosity formerly lived locally. This series explores an animal’s relationship with land. Landscape is not just something we know but something we are. If memories of sensing, moving and emotion in landscape are removed or changed, then we become something else. We are in the landscape and it is in us. The world has existed for so long and our perception of it so short that we cannot deny the possibility of a tortoise foraging the meadow near us. Imagining such possibilities is a first step in accepting, and even celebrating the new, the unfamiliar and the disconcerting.

  • Rory Carnegie

Signature: Signed by artist and embossed with ILEX Gallery seal

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