Rosana Castrillo Diaz, ‘Untitled’, 2015, Artadia

About Rosana Castrillo Diaz

Attuned to the microscopic and the ephemeral, Rosana Castrillo Diaz produces graphite-on-paper drawings, wall relief sculptures, and installations that are intentionally easy to overlook. In all of her work, she cultivates invisibility. Referring to a wall mural commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2009, composed of flowing, blocky shapes painted in subtly varying shades of white, she stated: “I love that moment when they collapse into each other and it just disappears. It comes to completion, in a way.” This sentiment encapsulates Castrillo Diaz’s practice. In her intimate drawings of office supplies, whose forms are practically subsumed by a plethora of details, her crumpled paper wall reliefs full of the play of light and shadow, and her finely crafted three-dimensional structures composed of diaphanous, everyday materials, she binds together opposites—abstraction and representation, solidity and immateriality.

Spanish, b. 1971, Sama de Langreo, Asturias, Spain, based in San Francisco, California