Rosemarie Fiore, ‘Smoke Painting Eclipse Pink #11’, 2015, Orth Contemporary

Framed 23" x 23"

About Rosemarie Fiore

Rosemarie Fiore makes paintings by using, or misusing, everyday technology—through what she calls a collaboration with machines. In Fiore’s hands, amusement park rides, fireworks, lawn mowers, waffle irons, and floor polishers become tools for making marks. For some works, Fiore uses fumage, a technique pioneered by an Austrian Surrealist, Wolfgang Paalen, involving the use of pigmented smoke. Fiore’s works frequently include or depend upon performances that mix chance and premeditated actions. “I keep in mind that it is a balance between chaos and control,” the artist says of her practice. “Too much control suffocates the work.” Fiore draws inspiration from Yves Klein and John Cage. She also works in ceramic sculpture, video, and large-scale installation.

American, b. 1972, Mount Kisco, New York, based in New York, New York

Solo Shows

Los Angeles,
Rosemarie Fiore: Smoke Paintings