Rosemary Young, ‘Women & Children’, 1953, Pangolin

This sculpture was discovered whilst preparing for an exhibition at Pangolin London that celebrated the touring exhibitions of the ‘40s and ‘50s by the Arts Council called Sculpture in The Home. Rosemary Young and Reg Butler had both exhibited in these original exhibitions so curator Polly Bielecka approached Rosemary Young to ask if she might have any work available that could be included in the contemporary exhibition. The initial response was that unfortunately very few pieces existed from that period and it wouldn't be possible but a few weeks later Rosemary got in touch again to say that she had discovered the artists model of 'Women and Children' on the top of her wardrobe covered in dust. In close collaboration with Pangolin 'Women and Children' was cast in bronze. Two of the editions are in private collections whilst the third is in The Ingram Collection.

About Rosemary Young

British, b. 1930, Esher, United Kingdom, based in Berkshire, United Kingdom