Rowena Harris, ‘29th May’, 2015, The Gallery Apart

About Rowena Harris

Merging the physical and digital, formalism and DIY aesthetics, Rowena Harris makes mixed-media sculptures, installations, videos, and internet-based works, through which she expresses her experience of the world. “I am trying to communicate thoughts and issues that come from my own experience,” she has explained. “I am interested in the viewer’s perception (as well as my own) and try to actively incorporate the viewer in the understanding of the work.” She does this by utilizing everyday materials—such as concrete, household items and clothing—and by incorporating a digital dimension into her projects. Citing Carl Andre, Rachel Whiteread, and Felix Gonzalez-Torres as influences, Harris has cast button-down shirts in concrete and transformed tin cans into austere minimalist sculptures, among other evocative assemblages and objects—finding beauty and meaning in unexpected places, and encouraging viewers to follow suit.

British , b. 1985

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