Ruby Anemic, ‘I did it my way ’, 2017, Simon Studer Art

Series: Edition of 5

Artist's studio

About Ruby Anemic

Ruby Anemic’s irreverent appropriations of language and visual culture offer a confrontational and darkly comedic perspective on contemporary social behaviors. Although he works in a variety of media, such as collage and sculpture, Anemic’s attitudes are perhaps best distilled in his text-based neon works. With titles such as You Can Have It All, I Need More, and You Have Nothing, Anemic’s works brandish messages that delve into consumerist tendencies, exploring questions of having and lack, and the way pithy clichés function as modern dogmas. In other text-based wall works, Anemic appropriates book pages or commemorative engravings; in conjunction with the neon works, the sincere tone of these longer passages is undercut by the other works’ glib directness.

German, b. 1975, Berlin, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany

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