Rudolf Bonvie, ‘Dialog 3 | Special Edition of 1.000’, 1973, PRISKA PASQUER

This affordable edition of 1,000 was designed to provide an opportunity for young art lovers to be able to acquire an authentic piece of art by Rudolf Bonvie. This edition is the object of an experiment: To examine if young people want to actually have in reality what they share virtually (the “Dialog” sequence from 1973 has been reblogged over 70,000 times to this date).

About Rudolf Bonvie

Regarded as one of Germany’s earliest media artists, Rudolf Bonvie is best known for his digital assemblages of film stills, media images, and fashion photographs, placed alongside his own photographs. While largely focused on the various ways images are used to both inform and manipulate the public, more recently Bonvie has turned his attention directly to the internet. He creates what he calls “tumblrworks”—a combination of his own images and those culled from the social media website, Tumblr (see his own Tumblr here). Lacking any narrative structure or formal system of ordering his images, Bonvie draws attention to the medium, its digital distribution, and their impact on the viewer.

German, b. 1947, based in Cologne, Germany