Runo Lagomarsino, ‘Mare Nostrum,’, 2016, Francesca Minini

About Runo Lagomarsino

In his multimedia artworks, Runo Lagomarsino’s interest in the legacy of transatlantic migration patterns intersects with his own biography. A 2015 Venice Biennale participant, Lagomarsino—who is based in Brazil—was born in Sweden to Argentine parents who descended from Italian émigrés. In his installations, collages, films, and drawings, he examines different moments of transatlantic travel—from colonialism and the slave trade to the waves of immigrants during both World Wars. Through the pairings of found objects and projections of images of monuments, Lagomarsino uncovers the residue of these historical journeys. He highlights the lingering effects of political warfare and imperialist agendas that are embedded in simple objects and sites that form the fabric of daily life.

Italian-Argentine-Swedish, b. 1977, Sweden, based in Malmo, Sweden and Sao Paolo, Brazil