Ruth Adler, ‘Circle 1000’, ArtStar

ABOUT THIS PIECE: Color is the foundation of my work. My circles start as a mood or idea that eventually evolves into a colored circle. I am curious how different colours interact when they're placed next to each other. I experiment with intensity of colours and the different sensations colours evoke. Why a Circle? When I explore my fascination with this shape I discover that the circle represents all that is familiar and comforting. It is the shape of the rising sun, of a mother's nipple, of the iris of the eye, and of a full moon. I use the latest digital technology as a medium to create my circles.

ABOUT THIS ARTIST: Ruth Adler is a Canadian artist whose mediums include paintings, works on paper, animated films and textiles. She is inspired by the city of Tel Aviv, music (she plays the harmonica) and her personal memories. Jim Kempner Fine Art represents her work in New York and the Lonsdale Gallery represents her in Toronto.

Publisher: ArtStar