Ryan James MacFarland, ‘Rebel’, 2013, Uprise Art

Framed in white

About Ryan James MacFarland

Photographer Ryan James Macfarland explores the invisible workings of nature in images intended to convey the intangible qualities of landscape. Macfarland has made series capturing the moon above bodies of water—pointing to the forces of gravity that connect these two elements—or the appearance of the moon before nightfall. “My goal is to try to turn what we know about nature on its side a bit,” he has said. In earlier works, Macfarland incorporated figurative elements, but his more recent landscapes are devoid of human presence. His compositions are sometimes comprised of triptychs or pairings, or reproductions of the same image arranged in quadrants so as to form a central diamond shape—suggesting the symmetry and patterns that exist in nature. Macfarland has worked with photographers David LaChapelle and Ryan McGinley, both of whom he considers influences on his practice.

American, b. 1985, Tallahassee, Florida, based in Brooklyn, New York

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