Ryo Kikuchi, ‘Umbilical #2 ’, 2016, Frantic Gallery

“Umbilical” presents itself as a set. It consists of three wooden panels: a circle – or better yet a torus – in between two trapezoidal planes, which are all attached to the wall. The shapes produce a transition in appearance: after viewing them for a period of time, you begin to see something like a sphere floating in three dimensions between recessive planes. Nevertheless, you can shift your focus of perception and glide along the central umbilical line from left to right, or from right to left, to bring the parts into unity, creating “The One.” When approaching it, you will see your own eye reflected in the mirror at the very center of the donut-like torus that takes you inside the non-division of this Unity. “Umbilical 2”, playing in a similar way with the rules of perspective, presents the cell splitting in two, which takes the reverse movement toward the unification, if you let the centripetal movement of radiating lines process you into the center.
More about the artist: http://www.frantic.jp/en/artist/artist-kikuchi.html

Signature: Signed by artist

Ryo Kikuchi | 菊池遼

1991 Born in Aomori, Japan
2015 Tokyo Zokei University, Painting Course, B.A.
2016 Tokyo Zokei University, Painting Course, M.A.

Solo Exhibitions
2017 "non/(division)", Frantic Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017 "Turner Award 2016" Exhibition, Turner Gallery, Tokyo
2017 "Zokei Show", Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo
2017 "Joint Graduation Exhibition of 5 Art Universities", The National Art Center,
2016 “UNKNOWNS 2016”, iGallery, Tokyo
2016 “M Polyphony 2016 – Original Form”, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo
2015 “FRANTIC UNDERLINES”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
2015 “Zokei Show”, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo
2015 “Turner Award 2014”, Turner Gallery, Tokyo
2015 “Motai Seminar abflug”, Arts Chiyoda 3331, Tokyo
2015 “The 2nd CAF Awarded Artist Show”, Arts Chiyoda 3331, Tokyo
2015 “MPoliphony 2015 Angle”, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo
2014 “Ome Art Program”, Ome Comprehensive School, Tokyo
2013 “Zokei Show”, Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo
2012 “New Faces”, Turner Gallery, Tokyo

2014 Turner Award 2014, Future Award
2014 Zokei Show, Zokei Prize for Excellent Graduation Work

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