Ryota Kikuchi, ‘born #1’, 2014, Phillips

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Image/Sheet: 149.5 x 99.7 cm (58 7/8 x 39 1/4 in.)
Frame: 155 x 110 cm (61 x 43 1/4 in.)

From the Catalogue:
This seemingly simple photograph of a man reclining on top of a lamppost was made by free climber turned artist Ryota Kikuchi. The man in the photograph is Kikuchi himself who has free climbed approximately eight metres up this lamppost in his hometown of Chiba, Japan. With his climber’s trained eye, he identifies the urban setting in which to intervene and then maps out the best route. Kikuchi initially took up photography to document his climbing then soon discovered the potential of the medium as a form of expression. After receiving his MA in Intermedia Art from Tokyo University of the Arts, he began to use his unique perspective as a free climber to explore hidden boundaries within the urban landscape, expanding his personal map of the city. In addressing the element of performance in his work, the artist comments, ‘I choose to quietly take part in a performance, which I document as a photograph. It is a personal adventure.’ He continues, ‘I hope my work gives people a fresh viewpoint of ordinary cityscapes and landscapes.’
Courtesy of Phillips

Signature: Signed in red pencil, printed title, date and number AP1 on a gallery label affixed to the reverse of the frame. Accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity. This work is AP1 from the sold-out edition of 5 + 2 AP. This image is sold out in all sizes and editions.

Atypical Footprint, Tokyo: Side Core, 2014, p. 95

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