Saad Qureshi, ‘Shadow of the Night’, 2017, Aicon Gallery

About Saad Qureshi

Saad Qureshi’s body of work uses investigations of cultural identity and displacement as a springboard for more aesthetic concerns. The artist’s multimedia paintings and drawings often incorporate elements of mapmaking or documentation, hinting at fictional locations. His sculptures and installations sometimes have a sense of the apocalyptic, as though they are the relics of a doomed civilization. Utilizing a wide range of materials such as clay, hair, and burned prayer mats, the artist’s hand is at the heart of his practice. “Hand-craft has the human touch,” Qureshi has said. “It brings a special, emotional quality into a work when you’re manually manipulating the stuff it’s made of”—as well as a link to the history of craftspeople before him.

British, b. 1986, Bradford, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom