Saâdane Afif, ‘L'Andrè Last Version’, 2010, CARDI GALLERY

About Saâdane Afif

Post-conceptual artist Saâdane Afif is best known for his cross-media fusion of song lyrics, scores, instruments, amplifiers, speakers, and other musical equipment. Often translating sound into performance, mixed media sculpture, wall-mounted text, posters, and works in neon, he places the physical objects, the texts, and sounds into a shared space in which the emphasis is on the circulation of meaning among disparate elements. “My work today does not rely on the object: it is developed through the accumulation or interweaving of elements that can be more or less visible.” Afif also works collaboratively, commissioning song lyrics from musicians and other artists inspired by his objects or sculptures, then converting them into visual forms. Afif was awarded a Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2009.

French, b. 1970, Vendôme, France, based in Berlin, Germany