Sable Elyse Smith, ‘How We Tell Stories To Children’, 2014, Project for Empty Space

About Sable Elyse Smith

Acutely aware of architecture and its capacity to influence consciousness, Sable Elyse Smith distills and expands historical and lived experiences of anti-black violence, creating a physical space that acknowledges trauma and manifests systematically ignored narratives. Approaching medium and form with precision, the New York-based writer and artist articulates urgent social commentary and an elegant conceptual vision through film, photomontage, neon, and works on paper. Smith’s compelling use of text is heavy with the implications of what is left unsaid, emphasizing the simultaneous necessity and insufficiency of language to investigate and process trauma. Within the malleable gallery space, Smith investigates both private and public implications of mass incarceration, expressing the nuanced emotional realities of the carceral state with remarkable restraint and intention.

b. 1986, Los Angeles, CA, United States, based in New York, NY, United States