Sajjad Ahmed, ‘Being And Nothingness (III)’, 2015, Sanat Initiative

‘Always Forever Now’ | Lakeeren Gallery, Mumbai, India, 2015

“…In the “Being and Nothingness” series (with the title borrowed from Jean Paul Sartre’s book of the same name), Ahmed explores various visuals. Being & Nothingness I and III depict a blue cloudy sky and rainbow, respectively. While the visuals are enticing, their near-perfection is marred by a plethora of strips imposed on them that are unreadable. Why was this so? Ahmed explained that, by using sections of similar visuals from the same skyscapes to create a break in the image, he aimed to display the paradox of representation and abstraction on the same surface. In art history, however, both have been treated differently as different styles/movements…”

Excerpt from essay by Shanzay Subzwari

About Sajjad Ahmed

Pakistani, b. 1982, Wah Cantt., Wah, Punjab, Pakistan, based in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan