Sakai Hiroshi, ‘Vase’, 2014, Maison Gerard
Sakai Hiroshi, ‘Vase’, 2014, Maison Gerard

Sakai Hiroshi's work uniquely and exquisitely blends traditional and experimental techniques; his material of choice, Shino ware, was developed in the Mino Province of Japan in the 16th century, yet the indigo glaze and specific crackle pattern are of his own creation, the result of 350 test firings to perfect this effect.

Shino ware clay is notable for having an unusually low shrinking percentage, which in combination with the glaze creates the crackle pattern during the firing process. The glaze melts slowly, fired at a low temperature over the course of several days.

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Sakai Hiroshi's work has been exhibited internationally and is part of the permanent collections of museums both in Japan and abroad.

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