Salvatore Emblema, ‘Untitled’, 1978, Wallector
Salvatore Emblema, ‘Untitled’, 1978, Wallector

Salvatore Emblema is one of the famous historical masters whose painting focued on the space.
According to Emblema, the canvas, the jute yarns are already a piece of painting.The colour with its pure condition highlight the texture and the space.
His thought is very radical and his painting becomes the "limit", he wants to find the door of self-awareness and self-value.
Salvatore Emblema was born in 1929. Since 1954, his paintings have been exhibited in the most prestigious public and private spaces, especially in the major international art galleries such as the Uffizi or the Venice Biennale.His works are placed in the major museums all over the world, from the New York's MOMA to the Boymans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, from the Vatican Museums to the Rockefeller Center Museum.
The "Emblema" Museum is in Terzigno (Na), the birthplace of the Artist.
Salvatore Emblema died in 2006.

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