Cold War Bolthole

Dean Cyril Reed was an American actor, singer and songwriter who spent many years in South America as well as the German Democratic Republic. In Chile, he developed a Left-wing political philosophy and spoke out against oppression and poverty, he protested against nuclear weapons and US foreign policy. After the 1966 Argentine revolution he was deported for his politics.
Having gained success in Eastern Europe and Russia, Reed settled in East Germany in 1973. Over the years he played in 20 films, produced 13 records, and gave concerts in 32 countries.While committed to the politics of his adopted socialist home he preferred to define himself as a Marxist.
In a 1986 television interview on CBS he defended the building of the Berlin Wall and compared Ronald Reagan to Stalin. Six weeks later he was found dead near his home in East Berlin.

About Sam Dargan

Figural painter Sam Dargan depicts history and society with a bleak and mirthless sense of humor. Dargan’s self-described subject is the misery of “middle management grunts, battered priests, hollowed-out delinquents,” but he explains that he is not critical of the figures so much as the systems of which they are part. His works frequently feature specific historical narratives, sourced from newspapers and history books; past subjects have included the Russian Revolution and the war in Iraq. Dargan, who studied at the Royal College of Art in London, paints with a precise and graphic style that has been described by critics as almost cartoon-like. He is inspired by painting traditions at the turn of the century, and of Russian realist landscape painters like Ivan Shishkin and Arkhip Kuindzhi, but remains fervently skeptical of Romanticism.

British, b. 1971, based in London, United Kingdom