Sam Falls, ‘Untitled (Fern Print)’, 2014, RxArt

The unique process for the first print created by Falls began by creating a negative image of a fern in blue ink on black paper and then de-bossed with a clear ink of the positive image of the firm. Each print was inked by hand, making them all slightly different.

Signature: Signed, dated and numbered

Created exclusively for RxArt's 2014 PARTY. All proceeds support RxArt's mission to help children heal through the power of visual art.

About Sam Falls

Known for combining photography, painting, and sculpture, Sam Falls explores the intersection of color, digital imagery, and natural processes. His painted photographic prints raise questions about perception and how we relate to various media. Mellon, Bartlett Pears (2011), for instance, asks whether an enlarged, two-dimensional photograph of a pear (fruit is one of Falls’ favored subjects), or an imprint made from the fruit itself, “is a more honest representation of a pear?” To produce the image, Falls photographed an arrangement of fruit with a large-format camera, Photoshopped the image, and then stamped the print with paint-covered pears (imprinting the pear’s cross-section as well as its side). “My images are not only investigating the medium’s potential as an art form, but also continue exploring photography’s capacity for representation and challenging its veracity,” Falls explains.

American, b. 1984, San Diego, California, based in Los Angeles, California

Exhibition Highlights On Artsy

Concrete Island, VENUS, Los Angeles
a certain kind of Eden, Burning in Water, New York
Wasteland, Mona Bismarck American Center
Sam Falls: Light Over Time, Public Art Fund, Brooklyn