Sam Francis, ‘Untitled’, 1984, Galerie Raphael

Color Offset Lithograph from the portfolio "Eight by Eight to celebrate the temporary Contemporary", igned and annoted TP - a trial proof outside of the regular edition of 250.

Publisher: MOCA, Los Angeles

Lembark L - 263

About Sam Francis

The painterly abstraction of Sam Francis is most often associated with the American Abstract Expressionist movement, but Francis also spent a great deal of time in Paris and became linked with the parallel movement of Art Informel in Europe. Francis’ most iconic works are characterized by saturated splashes of color that populate the edges of the canvas in order to emphasize the luminous white void in the center. This contrast between the vibrancy of Francis’ color palette and the austere white picture plane demonstrate the artist’s concern with relationships of space, color, and light, as opposed to the psychologically expressive tendencies of contemporaries such as Jackson Pollock.

American, 1923-1994, San Mateo, California, based in Paris and Santa Monica, California