Sam Ghantous, ‘Archmixes Screen’, 2017, Yve YANG GALLERY

Screens, like curtains or walls, divide space; they produce containment. Screens, like computers and mobile devices, otherwise produce worlds through their glow and connectivity.
Screens are simultaneously flat and spatial in both cases.
Depicted on these curtains are screenshots of Archmixes* produced on Twitter. Here, a screen is confused for a screen. Screens might frame space, while phones and their respective interfaces frame images. With this curtain, the screen frames screens that frame images.
The screen as a curtain flattens the commonness of these two sites of domestic interaction.

Archmixes is an ongoing work (2016-2018) by
Sam Ghantous that revolves around the twitterbot @archmixes. An unsophisticated program embedded in the everyday of social media networks, this Twitterbot allows its community of users the ability to produce images of architecture in web-ready image formats. When a visitor selects from a collection of 3D building meshes modeled by users of Trimble Warehouse, and then tweets @archmixes, the bot responds by recombining these images and dispersing them into the web by tweeting an image of the result back @you. It also uploads a 3D mesh to orbit around on Sketchfab, and it posts an image to
Pinterest. Through ready-made infrastructures of circulation—3D model repositories, Twitter feeds, and
. JPEGs—the bot speeds up the production and propulsion of architectural images to be ogled, shared, or maybe reused.

About Sam Ghantous

Canada/Lebanon, b. 1989, based in USA

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