Sam Irons, ‘35º01'39.89"N 106º57'14.63"W’, 2009, 10 Hanover

About Sam Irons

To create some of his earliest series, British photographer Sam Irons hit the road, driving around the world armed only with a camera and a tent. These works, landscapes with sherbet hues, called to mind the roadside images of the New Topographics, with their straightforward depictions of locations. Though he now looks more toward Wolfgang TiIlmans and William Eggleston in his work—combining abstract arrangements of objects removed from their original context and juxtaposing images in installations to create dialogues about perception—nature still serves as an inspiration for the artist. “Nature is abstract in the proper sense,” the artist has said. “It is not trying to convey a message.”

British, b. 1978

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