Sam Moyer, ‘Untitled ’, 2014, Public Art Fund Benefit Auction 2015

Estimated value: $3,500

The orderliness and regularity of geometry is the constant foundation of Sam Moyer’s work. In this block, even random, chaotic accretions of dust on contact paper cannot overwhelm an underlying planned pattern.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Rachel Uffner Gallery

About Sam Moyer

All of Sam Moyer’s multimedia projects have a common quality of borrowing images or materials from everyday life, and manipulating them or reproducing them into abstraction. With a background in photography, Moyer makes works that are monochromatic, modular, and rooted in geometry, with a focus on texture, pattern, and tactility. For example, her “Worry Rug” series (2009) is made from cheaply purchased Ikea rugs that she then dyed and picked apart, while another series of drawings uses pocket-sized book covers as their basis. Moyer has also become well known for using dyed and crumpled stretches of fabric that she mounts onto wood panels by ironing. These pieces frequently have subtle patterns created using bleach and ink.

American, b. 1983, Chicago, Illinois, based in Brooklyn, New York