Sammy Peters, ‘Question: articulating; experience’, 2007, Greg Thompson Fine Art

About Sammy Peters

Sammy Peters produces abstract, multimedia compositions whose complex, layered images are made up of expressive brushwork, scribbles, gestural marks, drips, and collaged papers and fabrics. Sometimes compared to Richard Diebenkorn and Philip Guston, Peters populates his canvases with muted and saturated color blocks, geometric or architectonic forms, and white or black lines, creating textured and sensuous surfaces. “In all but a few cases, I have no idea about the evolution of the image or where it’s going until I’m finished,” he has said. “I find that color seems to also work in cycles. Sometimes my palette is more neutral, at others it’s much more saturated with color.” Peters draws inspiration from the works of Picasso, de Kooning, Pollock, Ad Reinhardt, and other Abstract Expressionists.

American, b. 1939, Shreveport, Louisiana