Sanaa Gateja, ‘Rainbow’, 2016, Afriart Gallery

Sanaa Gateja an exceptional artist and jeweler has been nicknamed ‘The Bead King’ in his native Uganda. He derives this name from being the inventor of beads made from recycled paper which he uses to create pieces of various designs and composition.
As an artist his work ethic and preference for recycled materials suite the global consciousness of present times which highly regard the environment and its preservation. Quite ironical given he started out as an artist in the 60s!

Sanaa’s artwork could be described as mixed-media experimental abstract art. His pieces emphasize use of beads, bark cloth and sometimes raffia to depict different scenes that he has encountered. The Bark cloth Tree with many names from the Great Lakes Region: Mutuba, Mutooma, Muvumu is an Environmental miracle tree of the Ficus family. The tree will produce skin up to four times and has medicinal advantages for Human and Animals. This Leguminous tree is fodder for Animals and will grow to full size within three years.

He says, “Life is a journey with a purpose. The message I bring is visually African. The themes I present are universally human. Dealing with the materials that guide me, I talk with you, the observer. We share the energy within us provoked by Art”.

Gateja is indeed one of Uganda’s most universally acclaimed artists. Sanaa holds a wealth of experience and has several influences to his work having studied both in the UK (London college of Art and Design) and in Europe’s culture capital: Florence, at the Universita Internazonale dell Arte.
Currently the only Ugandan exhibiting at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York, Sanaa is very active and has exhibited extensively since 1980 in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, UK, USA and Germany among other countries.

Signature: At the back

Image rights: Sanaa Gateja

2016 Themes and Variations gallery London - Seeking Africa|Design/Art across a continent.
2016 FNB Joburg Art fair- Featured artist
2010 MAD Museum of Art and Design New York- The show is still travelling within US Museum Galleries
2007 Expo Gwanju Korea – Recycled paper Jewellery
2006 Sankaranka Gallery Brooklyn NY – Solo Exhibition Art
2006 Mbari Institute Washington DC – Solo Exhibition
2004 Novotel Kigali Rwanda – Solo Exhibitions of Art
1996 Danish Chamber of Commerce Copenhagen – group show
1991 Ludwig Beck Munich Germany - Group Jewellery and Art shows in Cologne.
1990 Berlin International Trade Fair – group show. Recycled paper beads in jewellery
1986 The Round House Camden London – Paintings and Jewellery - group Exhibition
1985 Royal Festival Hall London – Gold Silver and Metal jewellery – Group New Horizon Exhibition

Afriart Gallery Kampala

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