Sandow Birk & Elyse Pignolet, ‘American Mihrab #4’, 2011, Catharine Clark Gallery

About Sandow Birk & Elyse Pignolet

While maintaining their own artistic careers, husband and wife Sandow Birk and Elyse Pignolet frequently team up to create prints, installations, murals, and films, examining and often lampooning contemporary American life and politics. Merging her background as a ceramicist and his as a printmaker and painter, the couple, according to Birk, works together “really well and it’s a total team effort, from the initial ideas and discussions about concepts, to the fabrication and installation of works.” Their home city of Los Angeles often serves as their primary inspiration. Among their recent collaborations is a diptych of sorts, two lithographed maps of the world titled A Conservative Map of the World and A Liberal Map of the World (2011). Smart and sarcastic, these maps re-label land and sea according to the worldviews of liberals and conservatives—vastly opposed, equally strident.

American, based in Oakland, California

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