Sandy Cohen, ‘Le Lion’, 2017, Oliver Cole Gallery

Sandy Cohen and Sean Sullivan
Le Loup
48" x 36"
Woman photographed by Sandy Cohen
Graffiti by Sean Sullivan

Sandy Cohen was born in Israel and resides in New York City. She is formally trained in various mediums including oil paint, water color, mixed media, sculpting, and photography. At the age of eight Sandy was the youngest student at an adults only art program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her skill was so advanced that the instructor asked her to teach the remainder of the workshop. She sold her first piece at the age of thirteen. At fourteen, she was accepted into the Fashion Institute of Technology. There the administrators called her an "artistic savant". She completed her high school education at Fiorello H LaGuardia High School of Music and Art & Performing Arts. At 19 artist Peter Max expressed interest in her as a young artist. Shortly before her 20th birthday Sandy fell seriously ill. She almost lost her life and has been battling chronic illness since, including being bedridden for years and needing the assistance of a wheelchair. This has changed the way Sandy experiences the world and thereby greatly influences her work; which has been exhibited in art shows and at the homes of private collectors. Her inspiration stems from complex human experiences, both hers and of others. Unmasking the truth behind contemporary illusions. Every one of her pieces shares a story.

Most recently Sandy placed one of her works with the royal family of Morocco.

LAYER CAKE, (aka Sean Sullivan) New York born, is a multi -faceted artist involved in music production, clothing, and his signature style stencil art. His clothing designs incorporate his love for fine/graffiti art and this has influenced how he approaches paintings on canvas.

Many of his mixed media paintings contain iconic "pop culture" characters pulled from TV or period magazines such as Speed Racer, Pink Panther and Popeye. His composition are deep with texture, built up with layers of vintage comic book pages, creating a substrate of eye catching collages that are then completed with his trade mark stencil compositions.

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About Sandy Cohen

Israel, based in New York, NY, United States

About Sean Sullivan (Layer Cake)