Sangeeta Sagar, ‘Quartz 10’, 2016, Flat Space Art

"My work has made me aware of the subconscious mind"

Sangeeta is a contemporary artist with a multifaceted approach that encompasses paintings (in acrylic and mixed media), drawings, watercolours and sculptures (in bronze). Sangeeta’s overarching artistic style is of pure abstract expression, which requires sheer introspection. Her work displays a vivid imagination combined with a sense of fantasy and some inspiration from the real world. She respects the technical aspect of every medium and pushes it to its limits to achieve the required end results. The goal, in any media she works with, is to attain a well-balanced composition and an aesthetically pleasing piece of work. The Quartz series has been made in a pure abstract style. Like most of her pieces, Sangeeta took inspiration from nature for her series. The result was achieved by visualising and then creating the layers of a quartz stone with different colours, hues and textures. Sangeeta has used acrylics gels, varnish and other mediums to attain a unique blend, which has created beautiful textures. Each of the following artwork is distinctive within the Quartz series. Playing with colours, shades and textures in this one. The finished piece gives a beautiful vividness (unstretched) We can see the waves in the quartz, a diptych in the rock, snow whipped like movements, a thick, texture, wave, abstract fluid like expressionism. This is a modern, contemporary, abstract, fluid, gold, autumn, modern, mountains, and nature all in this piece. It almost looks like a map in the mountains. Burnt oranges and umbers, apricot, ginger, ochre, peach and tangerine all running through the "mountains" with aquamarine sea green blues running like rivulets down the beige, cream off white powder grey valleys. Jade green present. A beautiful piece. Works just gone live. Only 1.

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