Saoud ABDALLAH, ‘Washing her hair’, 2011, Art On 56th

Whispers of Sand
56th Youssef Hayeck Str, Gemmayzeh Beirut, Lebanon Tel:+961 1 570 331 +961 70 570 333
Saoud Al Abdallah works on doing away with the aesthetics of color - what
painters find pleasure in - to delve in his treasured terrain, which is the cluster,
turning his back to lines and tactility. He refines the elements of his painting:
a child, a woman or a man, getting rid of all their details to form the simplest
shape, circular and firm, which he then connects to the space by simply
alluding to a sidewalk or skyline, or by leaving them floating in unlimited space.
In his attempt to attain the utmost simplicity the cluster almost becomes
inscrutable. The painting is then unintentionally taken to the edge of
abstraction. Color strokes are unnoticeable is Al Abdallah’s paintings contrary
to the majority of classic painters who attempt to cover the stroke of the brush.
This is due to the fact that Saoud doesn’t use acrylic colors, but sand! Colored
sand dug up from places unknown to us that he uses to transform from a
simple material into an artistic element. It is important to mention that not only
is sand an unusual material for painting, it also gives the artist the opportunity
to create singular artworks, which evoke the authenticity of both the material
and the structure. Saoud doesn’t preoccupy himself with nationalist or
historical identities that have been prevalent in previous eras. He depicts
human beings that bear no local characteristics. While his country has been
under constant destruction for the past three years, he translated the ruination
of buildings, humans, and relationships but also the human tragedy with a
sense of dignity and humanism. Immigrants, refugees and injured people,
all lost their homes, their lives violated… Al Abdallah’s work portrays this
without outcry, propitiation, or tears… He conveys the tragedy of humans with
nobility. Saoud Al Abdallah presents today the hard work of many years and
endless nights spent refining his paintings that portray a simple and solid
cluster, concealing strong and deep emotions that only time can reckon with.

Youssef Abdelki

About Saoud ABDALLAH

Syrian, b. 1976, Hasakah, Syria, based in Syria