Sara Cwynar, ‘Ultra Cosmetics Inc MINI ROUGE (item #61), MINI COMPACT (item #32) 2015 Archival’, 2015, Foxy Production

About Sara Cwynar

Sara Cwynar is inspired by the aesthetics of antiquated studio photography and the unnatural cleanliness of contemporary commercial imagery. Her practice exists at the juncture of old and new, analog and digital, nostalgia and futurism. Cwynar creates assemblages from found objects and pictures; she then photographs the assemblages and reproduces the images as c-prints. In her own words, she takes these found elements “out of the shared image world and into a space for personal, often very obsessive intervention.” Although Photoshop plays a role in the final work, nearly every stage of Cwynar’s process takes place in pre-production. The artist’s still-life images are highly manipulated while maintaining references to reality, foregrounding the artist’s interest in photography’s power to deceive.

Canadian, b. 1985, Toronto, Canada, based in Brooklyn, New York