Sara Law, ‘I feel you’, 2016, ShopColumbia

I am an interdisciplinary artist from Texas currently living in Chicago. In my practice, I investigate my idiosyncratic relationship with language through color and sensation. My exposure to particular colors triggers an emotional response for me. Various shades of blue, grey, green, burnt sienna, and maroon are particularly stimulating for me. Experiencing specific colors provide me with comfort and stimulate me emotionally, leaving me feeling vulnerable. My exposure to various color combinations is sensual. I yearn for overcast sky and take pleasure in the absence of the sun. I am intrigued with behavioral patterns, especially during the calm before the storm. There is comfort in panic, the thick and humid air fuels the eerie low pressure atmosphere as the ground rumbles with sounds of thunder. I relish in the sounds of continuous droplets. I experience the world through sensation. I feel as though my thoughts cannot always be conveyed through the limited means of language. Miscommunication is inescapable. It fascinates me that the formal shape of language is inextricable from its auditory actualization; one is able to understand the thoughts I convey in this moment because of the layers of language we have built together. Oral language is interpreted through remembered sound. However, formal language, as an organized system of communicating and understanding, seems to me incomplete. Therefore I choose to visually express language. The weight and shape of language is a growing interest of mine, which has always been a crucial part in my linguistic understanding.

Signature: Image courtesy of artist.

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