Sara Rahbar, ‘"Exceptionalism, Flag 45"’, 2010-2013, Carbon 12

About Sara Rahbar

In her mixed-media sculptures and installations, New York-based artist Sara Rahbar explores the human condition and emotions in work that takes shape from collected objects gathered from her surroundings. Rahbar received earlier acclaim for her “Flag” series (2005—15), for which she explored the iconography of the American flag, probing her emotional attachment to the country, the concept of the American Dream, and ideas of violence, power, and war in works consisting of textiles and collected objects. This strategy of combining disparate items to create new forms characterizes Rahbar’s subsequent works, which incorporate antiquated weapons, cast bronze, and other vintage materials and textiles. The pieces ultimately become manifestations of the artist’s quest to understand identity and the need to belong. For Rahbar, the meaning of her sculptures rests not in the translation of individual parts into a collective whole but the interaction between the distinct components and the ways their respective histories converse with one another.

Iranian, b. 1976, Tehran, Iran, based in New York, New York

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