Sara VanDerBeek, ‘Roman Women XII’, 2013, Metro Pictures

Based on research across the classical sculpture collections of Europe, VanDerBeek’s current works continue her exploration of the manipulated photograph as a staged, abstracted object. The rich blue prints, that were developed from images she took in natural light of Graeco-Roman figures, are a nod to painting of sculpture in the ancient world.

20 x 15 3/4 Inches (each image size)
50.8 x 40 cm
20 3.8 x 16 1/4 (each frame size)
51.8 x 41.3 cm
Edition 1/3
“Sara VanDerBeek, 2013” verso each panel

About Sara VanDerBeek

Sara VanDerBeek’s photographs are based primarily on abstract sculptural forms that incorporate diverse sources such as art history books, personal images, magazines, and newspapers. Creating the sculptures in her studio, VanDerBeek photographs and often dismantles them, destroying all evidence of their existence save for the images. "I am fascinated by the transformative quality of photography," she says. "Photographs can affect your sense of time, place, memory, and scale and thus are attuned to the central aspects of our existence." Recently, VanDerBeek has taken to preserving and displaying her sculptural forms alongside her photographs, further complicating the relationship between object, image of the object, and the idea of the image as an object itself.

American, b. 1976, Baltimore, Maryland