Sarah Amos, ‘Somewhat More’, 2012, Heather Gaudio Fine Art

About Sarah Amos

Sarah Amos makes what she calls “large-scale, hybrid prints,” works that consist of elements of drawing, painting and printmaking. She creates these elaborately layered compositions by using a combination of etching, monoprint, and collagraph techniques—using large pieces of cardboard and plexiglass to make her plates—which she builds up, sometimes working while the surface is still wet. She finishes her work with hand-drawn details in gouache, watercolor, pencil, and charcoal. Amos’s imagery suggests a variety of influences, such as architectural forms, geometry, and floral motifs, as well as references to a wide range of cultures, from Asian furniture to the Aboriginal arts and crafts of the Pacific Islands.

Australian, b. 1965, Melbourne, Australia, based in Vermont