Sarah Brayer, ‘Moon Crest’, 2016, Ronin Gallery

Sarah Brayer is an American Artist based in Kyoto, Japan. She is internationally known for her large-scale, pourd washi paperworks. Her work is in numerous museum collections including the British Museum & the Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian.

Mysterious and provoking, Sarah Brayer's Luminosity: Night Paperworks are created from Japanese handmade paper or "washi" infused with photo-luminescent pigments. These paperworks look one way by day, and transform to a completely different image at night. Emitting a phosphorescent glow that is powered by exposure to light, these images show us the place where something appears out of nothing and then returns to it; taking us to the edge of visual perce

Series: Luminosity: Night Paperworks

Signature: Brayer

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