Sarah Danays, ‘Bluebird’, 2012, Robert Berman Gallery

Danays is a British sculptor and photographer. Her work aims to transcend time, scale, cultural and religious barriers. She meticulously photographs her sculptural work, which combine marble and alabaster hand-tooled pieces with sacred and secular antiquities to make a powerful merger of contemporary amulet and archived curiosity. In some cases the object exists in its entirety, in others it does not. In so doing she embraces the ideas of Baudrillardʼs Simulacra and Simulation, where physical objects and actual experience are exchanged for representation and voyeurism. With the real thing swapped for secondary visual stimulus or assumed experience, it is no longer of consequence whether the original exists, as our relationship is only with its copy. These ʻcopiesʼ are available as limited edition Type-C prints.

About Sarah Danays