Sarah Hardacre, ‘Becky Thatcher in Converse Sneakers’, 2013, Paul Stolper Gallery

Building: Bronxdale Houses, Bronx “Tom Sawyer in Converse sneakers.”

That’s how Richard Price, 59, author of “Clockers” and “Lush Life,” described his years in the Parkside Houses in the Bronx, from age 1 — when his parents were finally able to move out of his mother’s childhood bedroom — to 18. The bleakness of the Baltimore projects depicted in the HBO series “The Wire,” for which Mr. Price wrote several episodes, is absent from his memories of cheery, chaotic play.

About Sarah Hardacre

Biographical and with feminist undertones, Sarah Hardacre’s collages insert glamorous individuals into otherwise authoritarian settings. Sourcing images from local archives and secondhand “gentlemen’s magazines,” Hardacre explores the politics of utopian housing. Her work reflects notions of public and private space, as she juxtaposes the masculine, concrete housing developments of her hometown, Salford, England, with feminine beauty. Her collages highlight the contradictions of government housing complexes—their simultaneous power to dictate the structure of the home and deny communities a role in shaping their collective future yet inability to control residents’ private affairs.

British, b. 1986, Salford, United Kingdom, based in Salford, United Kingdom