Sarah Lai, ‘White Glove’, 2017, Blindspot Gallery

With a signature low-contrast pale palette, Lai depicts a hand in a white glove, waving. In the video, the artist gathers and edits numerous footages and still images of Queen Elizabeth II in public events, crops out the Queen’s waving hand and blacks out the rest. The gloved hand is devoid of warmth, ambiguous in intention: is the waving handing greeting, declining or bidding farewell? Through the iconography of the white gloves, Lai reflects on the hypocritical nature of colonialism, as well as the undecidability of politics. At the same time, Lai satirises Hong Konger’s idealised memory of the British rule.

Series: White Glove

About Sarah Lai

Chinese, b. 1983, Hong Kong, China

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Mur Nomade, 
Hong Kong,