Sarah Munro, ‘Pictorial Space #1’, 2010, Page Blackie Gallery

Dimensions variable

Signature: Signed, dated and titled verso

About Sarah Munro

Using computer-aided design, Sarah Munro challenges the impact of technology upon the role of an artist through a digital process that relies on her own hand. Both a sculptor and photographer, Munro is best known for her sculptures which require a highly skilled production. Munro begins by hand-laying fiberglass and resin over chemically formed foam, which she passes on to a surfboard maker to complete. The foam is then coated like a canvas and, under Munro's constant supervision, painted by a machine that sprays the form with oil paint based on electronically programmed instructions. Aside from the fragility of the printing process, the sculpture is ultimately dependent on Munro's initial design, as the light, tone, and contours of the shape are translated through her programs.

New Zealander, b. 1970, based in Auckland, New Zealand