Sarah Osborne, ‘O’, 2016, Projet Pangée

Sarah Osborne’s paintings conciliate art and the everyday. As a female artist, she is interested in representing physical space tied to a psychological state. For her, this implies an accumulation of objects, perspectives and
planes. Drawing inspiration from books, magazines, and food blogs, most of her recent paintings address Montreal’s specific food, art and design culture, depicting what is typical, banal or ordinary with a touch of humour. She considers beauty to be omnipresent which she expresses both in the subject matter she paints and the rendering of the paint itself. A smoked meat sandwich is pleasure, necessity, tradition, trend. Food is
political. Born In Montreal, Sarah Osborne completed her Visual Arts undegraduate degree at UQÀM. She is currently doing her MFA at Concordia University in Painting and Drawing. She paints, cooks and writes. Her work has been recently shown in Montreal (Art Mûr, Galerie Lilian Rodrigez) and in Paris (Chromatic Paris).

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Canadian, Montreal, QC, Canada, based in Montreal, QC, Canada

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