Sarah Palmer, ‘A Geological Depression’, 2008, Aperture Benefit Auction 2014

Fusing intense color with jarring composition, Sarah Palmer can heighten even an organically encountered environment into a meticulously framed still life, accentuating the dramatic and sometimes bizarre elements that pervade the contemporary world.

Frame dimensions: 12"x12". Print dimensions vary.

Image rights: Courtesy the artist

About Sarah Palmer

It’s not always easy to decipher the still life photographs of Sarah Palmer. The artist carefully combines objects—from ephemeral slips of paper to discarded seashells—in ways that defy the way we normally interpret images, creating a delicate balancing act between undercurrents of meaning and ambiguity. By choosing from material that can be oddly familiar or utterly banal, she tugs at the viewer’s sense of memory and lost time, while invoking thoughts of the boundary between photography and the reality of objects. “I seek to catalog photography’s guts through intentionality and accident,” she says. “To examine the boundary of the real and the invented, the immediate and the hidden, the desirable and the grotesque.” Palmer was awarded the 2011 Aperture Portfolio Prize for her series “As a Real House”.

American , b. 1977, San Francisco, California