Sascha Braunig, ‘Herm 3’, 2016, Kunsthall Stavanger

About Sascha Braunig

Sascha Braunig paints compositions that experiment with flatness and depth, curve and line, the organic and the artificial. Through a controlled painting process, she turns portraits or still lifes into graphic schemes, applying a “skin” of irregular pattern—herringbone, fluid grids, or polka dots—in contrasting or complementary colors. The effects range from almost perfect digital-like finishes, to more malleable, sensuous material effects, with nods to Surrealism’s biomorphic forms and the optics of Bridget Riley. Rolling Shutter 2 (2013), Chur, and Squirm (2014) all explore the erotic or uncanny potential of squiggling lines.

Canadian, b. 1983, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, based in Portland, Maine