Satoki Nachi, ‘Quartet’, 2011, Tomio Koyama Gallery

About Satoki Nachi

Satoki Nachi paints portraits of women based on either her own likeness or that of her female friends. Nachi picks her models “based on their strength of character and sense of conviction” and paints almost exclusively women around her own age, because she is attracted to subjects with whom she feels kinship. In 2010, Nachi painted her first male figure, though rather than depicting an acquaintance, it was the image of was what the artist called “a ghost possessing me.” The physical features in her depictions are exaggerated to convey the personalities of her sitters or their moods, frequently solemn and introspective. These address themes of unrequited love, nostalgia, personal experiences, or anecdotes relayed by friends. She also works with staged and conceptual photography, which to Nachi feels like an extension of drawing.

Japanese, b. 1982, Tokyo, Japan